Sorry, I must admit I have been slacking a lot. I just have been so busy trying to pass my summer classes,finding another job and trying to maintain and keep my head above sea-level. I was thinking maybe I should start posting some of my poetry on here. Everyone likes poetry right? It seems I am  not  well at coming up with random topics to blog about so I am going to blog about things  I know, and I must admit I know poetry well, at least I do.. So stay POSTED for MY Premiere of my POETRY PAGE!!! Please show love thanks -Niyah

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 My biggest pet-peeve is when someone say they want to do something, but DO NOT execute the plan.I am big on having dreams,but  I also know that  sitting and waiting for something to fall out the sky “Ain’t” going to happen.Not to Gloat but but I am a full- time worker and also a student working on a associate degree on Mass Communication, Yeah I know its just an Associate Degree but hey! at least I’m getting my foot through the door, and not sitting on my ass dreaming. Let me be the first to say there’s nothing wrong with having a dream,BUT when are you going to turn that dream into a REALITY?  As you look in the mirror your not getting any younger, so they best thing to do it stop saying what you want to do and EXECUTE the PLAN. WELL SOME MIGHT SAY IT’S NOT THAT EASY AND YOUR ARE DAMN RIGHT IT’S NOT !!! but when you want something as much as you want your next breath then what you going to do?  Are you still going to wait for it to fall out of the sky???  No your going to go get it.. For the perfect song if you find yourself being this type of person  GO GET IT by MaryMary it is a great song and it makes you want to stop procrastinating on life, IT’s YOUR TIME SO GO GET IT!!!!!

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When is enough ENOUGH!!!!

OK!  all of us been in a relation, or have had relations when the other party JUST DOESN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!!! You try to give everyone the benefit of doubt but they seem to still take you for a joke, or maybe that’s how i see it. To be a bit more personal. I am Scorpio, I don’t know if you are into Horoscope or all into the consolations or not, but I find it pretty interesting. A Scorpio tends to be hot head yet level head, strong minded with built in Leadership capabilities. We also have a HIGH TOLERANCES for bullshit. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing, stating that I am woman and women’s tolerance of BULLSHIT tend to already be higher than the average man. But when is enough,enough?? Im am tired of telling a man how and when to do things. I really don’t like putting into those words but when it comes down to such, that’s exactly what it is. A MAN is a gentle, strong,loving and handy person to have in your life,but when is enough enough!!!! you contuine to put up with their lies, their distance in communications, their secrets, their cheating, NON-UNDERSTANDING ways what do you do next??? 

When do you feel the need to throw in the towel? and say I’m on to the NEXT!!!

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What time???

What does it takes to know you made it? Is it your dream car, dream job is it starting a family finding love??? Is it relocating?? How &when do you know if you made it

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 Most men see this as a way to get what they want without any commitment. How come women can’t do the same thing. My good friend always complains to the fact of being someone’s lover and never having someone of her own.I told her to stop being his lover. but she responded in saying “I don’t want to lose him”. ( clears throat) Girl! your not losing nothing but the d*ck. It’s not that you got to hang with him before dark, like all went on dates, or even meet his parents. So stop it! your a women so start acting like it. Steve Harvey ” a man likes a women with standards” get some. If a man can control you than you will be puddy in his hands, for neglected , and he will just see you as that piece of a*s. Ladies you are worth more than Gold, so start charging these men,like your are worth it to.

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My bestfriend is a Man!!!

Most people think it is impossible for the opposite sex to be “just friends” without any other feelings other than just having “mad” love for that certain person. Well im here to say otherwise,my bestfriend and I have been friends for some years now and I can actually say that I genuinely love that dude he is my support, my backbone, and the sun to my sky. He is everything I would want my boyfriend to be and better he treat me the way that a woman of my caliber should be treated. But there is something that he will not EVER be able to give me, and that is okay, because of that missing piece it  will alway keep us in the “FRIEND ZONE”….   do you think it’s impossible to have a close relationship with the opposite sex with no extra feelings???

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From Stupidity comes Wisdom

The struggle is not finding out who we are, but it is finding ourselves in someone else. From the time I could remember I knew who I wanted to be and do with my life, but as I began to grown I began to experience life. To know who we are is to learn how to adapt to people who are similar,  and different .For you to be able to express yourself you have to be conforted by a person who will challenge your motives, not to belittle your view points but to make a you better person. We try to take the world by the balls and trend through life alone when all you need is for someone to push you to find your purpose. “Question my ways I yell to him”, never afraid to back down, he questions my behavior, just so I can be able to see the way he views me in his eyes. A wise person is knowledgeable to the fact that he is wise, but a stupid person is not aware to the fact that he is stupid. DANGER IS AHEAD!! the stupid person will look danger in his eyes and prepare for his death ,but a wise person will conquer the mind of the Danger and reason with  him. Because a wise man is aware of what he has to lose, but isn’t stupid enough to face Danger straight on and the stupid person isn’t wise enough to conquer  Danger mind without experience.But to be wise you once had to be Stupid.

MInd yo DAMn Business

SHIT! DAMN !! , People  always asking me why  I curse so much? Shit I don’t know, why you asking so many damn questions? I curse because I can Damn It   DONT worry about whats coming out my mouth, just as long as I am not talking about you. Some might say  Nyiah you have a short vocabulary I say MIND yo DAMN Business. I don’t give a damn about what people say or think about how I do things I run this  over here, including my mouth if you got a problem with it STFU and MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!!!!